Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   What actions will I need to take as an individual during this transition?

A:  On the Concur travel booking transition:

-          Participate in LMS training (more information below)

-          On or after August 1, log onto Concur and update your Concur profile information prior to booking any travel

-          Update Concur profile with new corporate card number

On the Concur expense reporting transition:

-          Participate in LMS training (more information below)

-          (Recommended) Set a calendar notification each month to ensure timely completion of expense reports in new system

Q:   How and when will I receive training on Concur?

A:  Over the next few weeks starting July 20, training will roll out via our online Learning Management System in the form of modules and QRGs.  If you currently have a corporate card, you will automatically be enrolled in these courses. They will cover both the travel booking and expense reporting processes, and will be available even after you’ve completed them if you need to go back and review when you start your first Concur expense report later in August.  Specialized training will be held the last week of July for admins and other individuals responsible for booking and expenses for multiple users.

Q:  How does the new expense report approval process work?

A:  When an employee submits an expense report in Concur, their manager will receive an email notification that an expense report is ready for approval.  That email will have a link directly to Concur for the manager to sign in, review and approve.

Q:  What's the billing cycle?

A:  Statements are always closed on the 25th of each month, and you have 25 days before payment is due.  The billing cycle cannot be changed. If you file an expense report once a month or approximately every 30 days, you will never experience delinquency and any consequences thereof.

Q:  Where can I find the Corporate Card Use and Travel and Expense Policy?

A:  The travel and expense policy and related resources can be found HERE. We also want to take this opportunity to reinforce the policy that Corporate Cards are to be used for business expenses ONLY. The card is NOT for personal expenses.

Q:   Who do I need to contact if I have issues after go-live

A:   All key contact information can be found HERE, organized by topic

Q:  Will there be a mobile app for Concur?

A:  Yes. The Concur mobile app is an excellent tool with better functionality and easier navigation than the previous system’s mobile app.  You can book travel and file an expense report from start to finish all in the mobile app. Training on the mobile app will also roll out with the LMS training via automatic enrollment over the next few weeks.

Q:  How do I get the Concur mobile app?

A:  When you log in to Concur, you will see a link for the mobile app on the home page.  Select this option and an email will be sent to you with a link to download the app on your Smart Device.

Q:   Can you book personal travel through Concur?

A:  While you cannot use the Concur tool itself to book personal travel, you are still welcome to call Canyon Creek directly to book personal travel with a personal card and will receive all applicable Mohawk discounts.

Q:  What other differences with the new system do I need to be aware of?

A:  Timely expense filing is even more critical in Concur than it has been in the past, as expenses older than 45 days will require a second level of approval (in the current process that threshold is 90 days).

In addition, there is no automated spend authorization process in the new system, which was used primarily for tuition reimbursement.  We are working with HR to develop a new process; speak with your HR representative if you need immediate assistance around this piece.


Numbers You Should Know

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Your Choice Advocate: 1-855-733-7295
Amwell: 1-844-SEE-DOCS (1-844-733-3627)
HR Live: 1-855-4 HR LIVE (1-855-447-5483)
Mohawk Support Center: x26400 or 800-241-4900, x26400
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