February 13, 2019: Best Practices, Part 2: Pre-designs and Attachments

During the month of February, we are going back to basics and reminding everyone of best practices to use when submitting e-signs.

Part one was about submitting larger photos and short text. In part two, we’re focusing on potential problems with submitting pre-designed e-signs and certain file types as attachments.

Best Practice, Part 2: Pre-designs and attachments

A lot of factors and considerations go into e-sign production. In order to work with our software and systems, e-signs must be a specific size and file format. We also ensure we aren't violating copyright laws with images used on our e-signs and do our best to review and edit messages to eliminate typos or add missing content. These are a few of the reasons we ask that you do not design your own e-signs. They often do not work well with our system or allow your content the opportunity for revision, where appropriate.

We also ask that you do not submit things like fliers or PowerPoint presentations as potential e-signs. These file formats typically aren't sized correctly for e-signs, so we often take the information and redesign it for correct sizing and compatibility. These file types generally have more text than is ideal for an e-sign, which means the message may be difficult to read. You are the subject matter expert when it comes to your location, so please help us by condensing that text and putting into the message box on the submission form instead of uploading a flier or PowerPoint. We’ll take care of the rest!

If you've got a special exception or question on how to best display information, please give us a call. We're happy to help find a solution.

E-sign of the Week

This week's E-sign of the Week is from Miranda Lebo at our Gettysburg facility. Thank you for this great reminder about safety!


Last Week's Top Submitters!

Karen Palomo: 39
Trish Canada: 19
Angie Yates: 11

February 6 - February 12

Our e-sign channel provides a unique opportunity to communicate with employees consistently and efficiently. We hope you’ll partner with us by submitting compelling content for your e-signs, providing feedback on the system and helping us continually develop this community of practice. If someone at your site is currently submitting e-signs but is not on this list, please let us know so we can add them.

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