February 27, 2019: Best Practice, Part 4: Submitting timely e-signs

This month we've been “going back to basics” with our community of practice emails.

In Part 1, we talked about submitting larger photos and shorter text. Part 2 focused on pre-designs and attachments. Part 3 was a reminder that all text should go in the text box and not be submitted via Excel spreadsheet, word document, photos of fliers, etc.

In our final installment we will share tips on submitting timely e-signs that will help you get the best results from the message.

Best Practice, Part 4: Submitting timely e-signs

What we mean by “timely” is submissions that are received early enough to be designed and posted so employees can take actions. For example, if there will be a blood drive at your site, it’s a good idea to let your employees know at least a week in advance. Submitting an e-sign the week of or even the day before the event makes it difficult for anyone to prepare. The same goes for celebration meals, shoe trucks, scheduled shutdowns, etc.

Submitting e-signs on time also makes sure employees don’t feel like an afterthought. Set a reminder to submit birthday and anniversary e-signs a few days before the new month begins. When employees see their birthday e-sign after the day has passed, they may feel unimportant.

Sometimes last minute messages pop up. We understand. If you need an urgent message posted at your location, please submit your e-sign through the system and send an email so we’ll know to be looking for it.

E-sign of the Week

This week's E-sign of the Week is from Maria Shinsato at our Ontario facility. Thank you for reminding us all of February's safety topic!


Last Week's Top Submitters!

Karen Palomo: 25
Kathy Warner: 18
Connie Nambo: 15
Leticia Olvera: 14
Trish Canada: 13
Sandra Maldonado: 12

February 20 - February 26

Our e-sign channel provides a unique opportunity to communicate with employees consistently and efficiently. We hope you’ll partner with us by submitting compelling content for your e-signs, providing feedback on the system and helping us continually develop this community of practice. If someone at your site is currently submitting e-signs but is not on this list, please let us know so we can add them.

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