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December 19, 2018: Are you a top submitter for 2018?

The holiday season is upon us, and I’m excited to highlight the many gifts each of you has given employees at your location(s) throughout 2018. We may take communication for granted, but our community of practice is responsible for record-breaking e-sign submissions this year, and by doing so we’ve shared thousands of important messages with employees across the organization.

In addition to outstanding submissions from the partners listed below, our e-sign channel and entire community of practice should be recognized for reaching major milestones this calendar year, including the following:

  • More than 11,000 unique e-sign submissions – we are just shy of receiving more submissions in 2018 than 2016 and 2017 combined
  • More than 30,000 e-sign messages since the system was implemented
  • Exceptional messaging that engages employees, encourages teams to drive for results, reinforces our commitment to safety and recognizes outstanding performance

Thank you for your support of the e-sign channel. We’re looking forward to another landmark year in 2019.

Now, on to the winners….

Each of the individuals below will receive a gift card for their submissions. Please check here for more information.

“Above and Beyond”
Trish Canada (FNA Summerville manufacturing)
Jesus Holguin (Dal-Tile: El Paso manufacturing)
Wendy Markey (FNA logistics)

250+ e-sign submissions for 2018:
Amanda Porter (Dal-Tile: Sunnyvale): 399
Alicia Beard (FNA: Garner manufacturing): 361
Melissa Williams (FNA: Bennettsville manufacturing): 343
Chasdity Stoker (Dal-Tile: Fayette manufacturing): 269
Penny Dixon (FNA: multiple locations): 275
Araceli Garibay (FNA: Industrial Park manufacturing): 252

200+ e-sign submissions for 2018:
Angie Yates (FNA: Bridgeport manufacturing):239
Kathy Warner (FNA: Logistics): 224
Juanita Drew (FNA: Milledgeville manufacturing): 216
Silvia Orozco (Dal-Tile: Clay Road): 202

150+ e-sign submissions for 2018:
Heather Hall (FNA: Lyerly manufacturing): 192
Nathan Bennett (FNA: IVC manufacturing): 170
Kari Ruley (FNA: Glasgow manufacturing): 156
Virginia Binkley (FNA: Lavender manufacturing): 150

100+ e-sign submissions for 2018:
Sandra Maldonaldo (FNA: Industrial Park manufacturing): 143
Dawn Duvall (FNA: Logistics): 140
Deborah Matherly (FNA: Danville manufacturing): 138
Karen Palomo (FNA: Eton manufacturing): 123
Garrett Goad (FNA: Hillsville manufacturing): 118
Lisa Dodson (FNA: Duvall Road manufacturing): 115
Valarie Lamonaca (FNA: Hillsville manufacturing): 105
Sandy Heflin (Dal-Tile: Gettysburg manufacturing): 103
Rosalba Bazar (Dal-Tile: El Paso manufacturing): 101
Kaylie Burleson (FNA: IS): 100

Our e-sign channel provides a unique opportunity to communicate with employees consistently and efficiently. We hope you’ll partner with us by submitting compelling content for your e-signs, providing feedback on the system and helping us continually develop this community of practice. If someone at your site is currently submitting e-signs but is not on this list, please let us know so we can add them.

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Numbers You Should Know

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Amwell: 1-844-SEE-DOCS (1-844-733-3627)
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