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January 23, 2019: One-on-One with Stephanie Orth

2019 has started out strong for our Community of Practice (CoP). We currently have more than 750 e-sign submissions so far, and that number is rapidly climbing, putting us on track to break more records this year. Thank you all for your continued dedication to consistent communication through the e-sign network.

This year, we are re-introducing our One-on-One monthly Q&A’s with members of our CoP. Stephanie Orth from the Lewisport facility is kicking us off this year. Let’s see what Stephanie has to say about being a new submitter.

Stephanie OrthQ: How do you incorporate e-signs into your work day?

A: I view e-signs as an extension of my office. Any information I come across that I think the team members will want to know, I add it as an e-sign. We have a great administrative assistant who makes sure to submit birthdays and anniversaries, so I try to add upcoming events or exciting news.

Q: What advice did you find helpful as a new submitter?

A: Being a new submitter, I jumped into the CoP blogs and newsletters to gather ideas and insight from other users. Seeing what others have submitted in the past really got my creativity going! I also put myself in our team members’ shoes and ask myself “what would I want to know?”

Q: What responses do you get from the people at your location?

A: The team members appreciate being in the loop. Constant communication is key to reaching our team, especially when we have team members spread across several different shifts, and the e-signs serve as a great tool for this.

Q: What motivates you to submit e-signs?

A: Hearing a team member say “I saw on the e-sign that…” reminds me of just how crucial e-signs are to our everyday business. Our team members are the heartbeat of our facility, and without them knowing what’s going on, we cannot operate smoothly. Any information gained from e-signs is a win in my book!

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us, Stephanie!

Be sure to check in next month to hear from another peer. And as always, keep submitting. You could be featured next!

E-sign of the Week

This week's E-sign of the Week is from Heather Hall at our Lyerly facility. Thank you for acknowledging your employees for paying attention to details! Thank you, Mitchell!


Last Week's Top Submitters!

Amanda Porter: 24
Connie Nambo: 21
Penny Dixon: 10

January 16 - January 22

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