Double the Success

Breaking any record takes dedication and a team effort. In June, the team at IVC Resilient tackled not just one plant record, but two.

The team reached a new record by achieving the highest percentage of A grade, top quality product, for a month at 96.5 percent along with the highest percentage for a quarter with 96 percent. They also had a 46 percent reduction in downtime for Q2 versus Q1.

“One of the main things that makes this team stand out is, when they hit that point of having to battle out or correct something, they really stick to it and hold each other accountable,” Manager of Production Jessica Clayton said. “Correcting and improving processes, no matter how long it takes, has had the biggest impact on our success. We don’t want anyone to be afraid of giving or receiving constructive feedback, because those hard questions are what helps us improve.”

The plant has approximately 110 team members who focus on working collaboratively to find permanent solutions to problems. As a team, they start on the shop floor to make sure everyone’s voice is a part of the solution. One way they do this is by holding a daily walk through of the last 24 hours to review and create action items to resolve any issues.

“During this walk we look at a specific area. We take a closer look at safety from the ceiling to the floor,” Jessica said on behalf of the CORE TEAM. “We put eyes on housekeeping, which is a huge part of our safety record. This is key to the success of our CV team and the continuous improvements we make daily.”

“Year over year, we’re always working towards process improvement to fix off quality or down time,” Process Improvement Manager Ricky Martinez said. “Setting new records like this is the result of the team’s great work and dedication to solving problems permanently and working collaboratively.”

Their safety culture and commitment to working safely for themselves as well as for their team members is also an integral part of their success. The CV Plant has gone over 690 days since their last recordable incident, and first shift has passed the two year mark.

Congratulations to the IVC/Mohawk Resilient CV team!

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