What You Need to Know about DOA

Do you sign or approve contracts on behalf of Mohawk? Are you part of Flooring North America?

If you answered “yes” to at least one of these questions, make sure you thoroughly read the message below about Flooring North America’s new Delegation of Authority program for contracts and other financial commitments.

What is the Delegation of Authority?

The Delegation of Authority program provides a formal structure for individuals who make commitments on behalf of Mohawk. It clearly outlines which roles in the business are authorized to make commitments and the amounts those individuals are authorized to commit when they sign or approve contracts made on behalf of the Company.

The Delegation of Authority applies to long-term commitments and strategic decisions. It will not impact any Invoice Approval Limits, Paid-On-Approval Lists or P-Card Limits that are already in place.

Why is the Delegation of Authority being implemented?

The Delegation of Authority was developed by the Executive Leadership Team to support efficient, transparent and controlled decision-making across our businesses. 

How it works:

Use the Flooring North America’s Delegation of Authority Matrix to find out whether or not your role has authority to make commitments on behalf of Mohawk and at what amount. It’s organized by functional area and/or business unit and can be accessed by clicking here. (Please note, you must be connected through MHKprivate Wi-fi or VPN to access this document.)

You must consult with the next level up in your organization before you enter into a contract or commitment on behalf of the Company if:

  • Your role does not appear on a matrix, or
  • Your role does appear on a matrix but your level of authority is less than the total amount of the applicable contract or commitment.

Documenting proper Delegation of Authority:

Our Internal Audit team will conduct regular reviews of contracts and decisions to ensure that the correct process is followed as we go forward. You are responsible for properly documenting that you followed the DOA before pursuing any decision.

There are three ways to properly document that a commitment was approved under the DOA:

  • The person with the correct level of authority can sign the applicable contract, or
  • The person with the correct level of authority can sign a signature request form, or
  • The person with the correct level of authority can authorize your signature informally by email.

Click here to access the signature request form. Don’t forget to save the authorization in a physical or electronic folder. Documenting approvals is a key change to the way things used to work.


The Delegation of Authority Matrix is a living document, which means that it is maintained and reevaluated on a regular basis, so please be on the lookout for future communications.

For more information, FAQs, as well as a direct link to the current Delegation of Authority matrix, visit the Delegation of Authority Link on myMohawk, or find it on the Employee Links page. ((Please note, you must be connected through MHKprivate Wi-fi or VPN to access this document.)

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