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 5 22 Safety conference cover

Stop and T.H.I.N.K.

You’ve probably already seen or heard those words in 2019. This phrase represents an overarching safety message that encourages everyone to pay more attention to the tasks they’re completing each day. Stop and T.H.I.N.K. was also a slogan for Mohawk’s annual safety conference that was held earlier this spring. Over the course of several days, EHS professionals from across the enterprise came together to share best practices, participate in educational seminars, meet with vendors and celebrate exceptional safety performance.

Check out the awards listed below and 87 teams that were recognized by Liberty Mutual. These Silver and Gold Awards are based on DART (days away, restricted or transferred) ratings. The Safety Commendation Award is presented to facilities with a DART rate of at least 50 percent better than Bureau of Labor standards.

5 22 R3

R3 Award: Glasgow Manufacturing

R3 stands for Residual Risk Reduction. Even with safety training, machine guarding, safety policies and procedures, residual risk is present in some processes. The goal of R3 projects is to reduce residual risk at facilities by looking closely at a task or process and evaluating it to identify hazards. Then, a team comes up with solutions to eliminate those hazards.

“The Glasgow team did a phenomenal job in 2018 at reducing the risk 83 percent for employees who were lifting 150 lbs. of rolled plastic stretch wrap onto a machine,” R3 Program Administrator Matt Bogue said. “They suggested a lift system that would lift the plastic for the employees and actually eliminated the manual handling of the material all together.”

5 22 Facility of the year

Star Performer: Danville Manufacturing

“We realized our safety record in 2016 was abominable, and the only way to achieve better results was to create a sustainable safety culture,” Regional Safety Specialist Tommy Perdue said. “Culture change takes time and perseverance, but our record speaks for itself. We had 15 recordables in 2016, three in 2017, and only one in 2018. Our goal is zero, and we believe we can attain this goal.”

To achieve this impressive turn around, the team focused on a 100 percent commitment to safety for every person at every level. Safety became a condition of employment and a prominent topic at plantwide meetings where all employees were reminded that they are responsible for safety. The team also rewarded good performance with recognition, celebratory meals and t-shirts. 

5 22 Most improved

Most Improved: Dal-Tile Distribution

With a 48 percent improvement year over year, Dal-Tile Distribution was the obvious choice for most improved.

“The driving reason behind the decrease was due to the involvement of the Safety Managers driving a new change from the floor upwards,” Division Safety Manager Clay Gilliam said. “The safety managers went back to the basics, which resulted in a behavioral shift with safety as an emphasis. We are striving for a leaner approach to safety and utilizing the tools to become a safer Distribution network for Dal-Tile.”

5 22 coordinator of the year

Safety coordinator of the year: April Rowe

Beyond good reporting or job performance, passion is what makes a coordinator of the year stand out.

“We did an audit at her facility, and she made a huge impression.” Sr. Safety Data Analyst Donna Clarkson said. “She knew all of the employees and their families and has helped create such a positive attitude about safety. She’s really gone in and helped changed the culture at Marine Drive, which was completely evident when we spent time there.”

Liberty Mutual Gold Award

  • Dal-Tile Manufacturing and Distribution:
    • El Paso
    • Muskogee
    • Sunnyvale RDC
  • Mohawk Logistics and Distribution: 
    • Duvall
    • OTR Drivers
  • Mohawk Manufacturing:
    • Antioch Tufting-Lower
    • Antioch Tufting-Upper
    • Calhoun BCF
    • Danville
    • IVC Vinyl
    • Milledgeville
    • Sugar Valley

 Liberty Mutual Silver Award

  • Dal-Tile Manufacturing:
    • Florence
  • Mohawk Logistics and Distribution:
    • Antioch Warehouse
    • Calhoun Warehouse
    • Fontana Warehouse
    • GHB Warehouse
  • Mohawk Manufacturing:
    • Antioch Plant 2
    • Oak River North
    • Oak River North Ext.

Liberty Mutual Safety Commendation

  • Dal-Tile Manufacturing and Distribution:
    • Dallas Manufacturing
    • Dickson Quartz
    • Dickson RDC
    • El Paso RDC
    • Fayette Manufacturing
    • Florence RDC
    • Ontario RDC
    • Pembroke Park Warehouse
  • Mohawk Logistics and Distribution: 
    • Baton Rouge Warehouse
    • Bolingbrook Warehouse
    • Brentwood Warehouse
    • Buffalo Warehouse
    • Cleveland Warehouse
    • Danville Logistics
    • Denver Warehouse
    • Des Moines Warehouse
    • Earth City Warehouse
    • Eton Warehouse
    • Flower Mound Warehouse
    • Garden Grove Warehouse
    • Garner Warehouse
    • Garner Logistics
    • Glasgow Logistics
    • Houston Warehouse
    • Indianapolis Warehouse
    • IVC Distribution
    • Kansas City Warehouse
    • Kent Warehouse
    • Melbourne Logistics
    • Memphis Warehouse
    • Nashville Warehouse
    • Oklahoma City Warehouse
    • Orangeburg Warehouse
    • Orlando Warehouse
    • Pembroke Park Warehouse
    • Pensacola Warehouse
    • Phoenix Warehouse
    • Pittsburgh Warehouse
    • San Antonio Warehouse
    • Waukesha Warehouse
    • Westampton Warehouse
    • Wixom Warehouse
  • Mohawk Manufacturing:
    • Antioch Home
    • Antioch R/R
    • Calhoun MFG
    • Calhoun R/R
    • Calhoun W. Line Bound Rug
    • Chatsworth Finishing
    • Chatsworth QC
    • Chehalis Pad and Cushion
    • Commerce Pad and Cushion
    • Eton AE
    • Eton Color
    • Eton Ext
    • Glasgow Commercial Manufacturing
    • Greenworks
    • Highland Road
    • Johnstown Pad and Cushion
    • Lavender Yarn
    • Oak River South Yarn
    • Phelps Yarn
    • Pine Street (Mohawk Home)
    • Roanoke Backing
    • Summerville Recycling
    • Thomasville - Laminate (including Denton Rd.)
    • Tifton Pad and Cushion
    • Torrington Pad and Cushion

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