Four Ways to Start a New Year


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Skip the resolutions in 2019.

Instead, focus on cultivating habits and learning simple strategies that can help make this year and those that follow the best ones yet.

Learn How to Achieve a Goal

If you don’t make your goals achievable, it’s easy to give up or get burnt out. Breaking up a big goal into smaller ones can help it seem more manageable and attainable. For example, instead of saying you’ll complete the goal by the end of the year, break down the steps necessary to accomplish it and set monthly or quarterly goals that you can check off to see your progress and stay motivated.

Remember, the best goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and exciting.

Know When You’re at Your Best

Not everyone is an early riser or someone who does their best work late in the evening. Knowing what time of day your work is the most productive is a good way to maximize your time, which can help with time management at work and at home. If you’re a morning person, plan to tackle your bigger, more difficult projects before lunch, and save simpler tasks for the afternoon. If you’re the opposite and work best in the afternoons, plan your work day so you focus your best energy on the most important tasks later in the day.

Recognize a Job Well Done

Everyone appreciates being recognized for the work they have done, and everyone has the ability to acknowledge the good job others are doing. When a coworker accomplishes a task they’ve been working towards or reaches a milestone service anniversary, take the opportunity to congratulate them in person or even write a note expressing your gratitude. When you’re recognizing a coworker, remember to be specific and be personal in your praise. Encouraging others when they are reaching their goals can help motivate you as you work towards your own.

Continue Growing Throughout the Year

You don’t have to start on January 1 to set a goal for yourself. No matter the time of the year, you can adjust your goals and shift priorities to match what matters most.

In our fast-paced work environments and evolving industry, it’s important to look forward and identify ways you can continue learning and improving yourself. Chances are at some point you'll want to master a new technology or gain new skills that will enable you to pursue your career goals while also achieving results. Make time to assess your skills and determine which ones you are interested in improving or developing. Next, see what training is available at your facility or throught the Learning Management System, and talk to your supervisor or your HR partner about what skills are needed for your preferred career path.

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