February 2019 Service Anniversaries


  • Melinda Clark

    Melinda Clark

  • Juan Palomo

    Juan Palomo

  • Emilia Sandoval

    Emilia Sandoval

  • Enrique Corral

    Enrique Corral

  • Orallia Service

    Orallia Service

  • Melissa Hammett

    Melissa Hammett

  • Robert Williams

    Robert Williams

  • Arletha Robinson

    Arletha Robinson

  • Kenneth Phillips

    Kenneth Phillips

  • Roger Martinez

    Roger Martinez

  • Serena Moore

    Serena Moore

  • Tim Christopher

    Tim Christopher

  • Cornelio Mendez

    Cornelio Mendez

  • Cristobal Quintero

    Cristobal Quintero

  • Jacqueline Martin

    Jacqueline Martin

  • Mike Chinnick

    Mike Chinnick

    Good work and dedicated service deserve recognition.

    With approximately 21,000 employees in the United States, it’s difficult to highlight everyone on myMohawk.com, but each month we’re recognizing individuals who reach milestone anniversaries starting with 20 years. If you’re hitting a 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 or 50-year milestone in 2019, keep an eye out for this article at the end of each month.

    Congratulations to February’s milestone service anniversaries, listed below:

    20 Years

    Alejandra Rubio, Calhoun, GA 296 Industrial
    Angela Byrd, Austin, TX SSC #149
    Antonio Capistran, Sunnyvale, TX Clay Rd.
    Arletha Robinson, Danville, VA
    Catarina Pascual-Baltazar, Rome, GA Lavendar
    Charles Underwood, Bridgeport, AL
    Cornelio Mendez, Dalton, GA Antioch
    Cristobal Quintero, Dalton, GA Antioch
    Daniel Logue, St. George, UT SSC #338
    Donato Gonzalez, Dalton, GA Phelps
    Eloise Wilson, Eden, NC
    Emilia Sandoval, Dalton, GA Virgil
    Isaias Sanchez, Sunnyvale, TX
    Jacqueline Martin, Danville, VA
    James Suire, Houston Woodlands, TX SSC #354
    Joanne Miller, Dallas, TX CF Hawn - Complex II
    Juana Jasso, Dalton, GA Phelps
    Karon Brinkley, Chatsworth, GA MFG & Gen Office
    Keith Adams, Eldersburg, MD WHS #EDT
    Luisa Garcia, Dalton, GA Phelps
    Michael Chinnick, Gettysburg, PA
    Michael Green, Bennettsville, SC Oak River South
    Nadia Lua, Dalton, GA Antioch
    Oralia Carrillo, Dalton, GA Virgil
    Patricia R. Lara, Chatsworth, GA MFG & Gen Office
    Richard Owen, Work from Home
    Robert Williams, Truck Driver
    Roger Martinez, Aurora, CO WHS #DNS
    Sacramento Alcantar, Dalton, GA Antioch
    Steve Wheat, Chatsworth, GA MFG & Gen Office
    Todd Preece, Calhoun, GA BCF

    25 Years

    Dana Parker, Calhoun, GA 450 Clarence King
    Douglas Hill, Sunnyvale, TX Clay Rd
    Evangelina Banda, Dalton, GA Antioch
    Hope Money, Dalton, GA Industrial Park
    Jeffrey Hite, Glasgow, VA
    Jose Orozco, Torrance, CA SSC #143
    Juan Torres, Dalton, GA Antioch
    Mitchell Wilbanks, Dalton, GA Antioch
    Ramon Albor, Dalton, GA Antioch
    Richard Slough, Glasgow, VA
    Rocky Petty, Eden, NC
    Serena Moore, Gettysburg, PA
    Sherry Gibson, Eden, NC
    Theresa Vick, Dalton, GA Green St
    Timothy Christopher, Summerville, GA

    30 Years

    Anthony Barker, Dalton, GA Green St
    Bernard Miller, Bridgeport, AL
    Carolyn Thomas, Bennettsville, SC Oak River North
    Craig Trimble, Calhoun, GA 296 Industrial
    Enrique Corral, Dalton, GA Virgil
    Jeff Briggs, Calhoun, GA MFC
    Jimmy Frazier, Sunnyvale, TX Clay Rd
    John Powell, Roanoke, AL
    Lynne Brooks, Dalton, GA Green St
    Melinda Clark, Milledgeville, GA
    Pete Brooks, Bridgeport, AL

    35 Years

    Austin Seal, Dalton, GA Antioch
    Joyce Mccoy, Bennettsville, SC Oak River South
    Kelly Quinn, Chatsworth, GA 1149 Duvall
    Vernon Hendrix, Dalton, GA Virgil

    40 Years

    Daniel Davis, Dalton, GA Antioch
    Dora Austin, Chatsworth, GA MFG & Gen Office
    Henry Brown, Bennettsville, SC Oak River North
    Vevyann Quick, Bennettsville, SC Oak River South

    45 Years

    Julia Meekins, Bennettsville, SC Oak River South
    Pam Wilkins, Dalton, GA Green St

    50 Years

    Mary Tomlin, Glasgow, VA

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