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impact.jpgThe specific behaviors needed to operate most effectively as a business of Mohawk Industries are actively in use within Dal-Tile, as proven by the record 56 entries that were submitted for the past year’s Imagine the Impact recognition contest.

Nominations were sent in from team members throughout the U.S. and Mexico. Each entrant shared a brief example of something either they or their team accomplished in support of Dal-Tile’s 2015 goals and objectives that was also in line with one or more of the Mohawk Business Strategy’s five key principles.

Entries were judged on how well they adhered to the strategy, effort and impact on the business, and overall organization and quality. The following eight entries were selected as the best examples; each will receive a gift card and personal recognition from Dal-Tile President John (J.T.) Turner, Jr.

Mohawk Business Strategy Principle: Be innovative in all areas of our business

U.S. Overall Winner: 

Rapid W.A.V.E.S.

Submitted by R&D Testing & Safety Manager Jim Neel

The industry’s water absorption test (which determines if a product is porcelain) takes 30 hours; R&D developed a device that cut the testing time down to about 45 minutes.

Its Rapid Water Absorption Value from an Evacuated/Pressurized System (“Rapid W.A.V.E.S.”) was developed using items such as a pressure cooker, a vacuum pump, a pressure gauge, an electronic touchscreen microcontroller and a plastic storage container (as a water reservoir).

Compared to the industry method, the device provides an overall time savings of 10,000 percent, uses much less power, eliminates burn hazards and is portable enough to be placed on a cart. In 2015, it was widely implemented in our manufacturing facilities.

Mohawk Business Strategy Principle: Provide value to our customers, so we are the preferred provider

U.S. Honorable Mention/Runner-up:

Product Vignettes for Home Depot
Submitted by Home Center Product Design Team Member Karen Sigrist

When key HCS customer Home Depot challenged the team to show off Dal-Tile’s capabilities in design, innovation and value, this group responded by creating unique product vignettes that displayed products in a wide variety of coordinated solutions.

To exceed the customer’s expectation, the team partnered with R&D, Product Management, Marketing, Sales and several other departments. Executing the plan took extensive time, hard work and passion from the entire team.

In addition to presenting the products in an innovative way, the team also produced a video for the customer that detailed the latest trends in ceramic tile that had inspired the new products.

Mohawk Business Strategy Principle: Treat our employees fairly, so we have the best organization

U.S. Honorable Mention/Runner-up:

Kickoff Celebration Awards
Submitted by Daltile Phoenix SSC Manager Joe Lander

While it’s common for the Phoenix SSC to celebrate team members’ birthdays with cakes and to prominently recognize individual service anniversaries, the SSC has also started an additional special recognition effort through its “Daltile Kickoff Celebration.” The event for all SSC team members and their spouses (or significant others) included dinner, a year in review video presentation, and games and entertainment.

The highlight of the event was the Performance Awards, which were handed out for “MVP”, “Leading by Example”, “Mountain Mover”, “Miles of Smiles”, “Grace Under Pressure” and other categories. All winners were voted on by peers, and the awards were a huge hit as winning team members accepted their awards in front of their guest and their teammates. 

Mohawk Business Strategy Principle: Be innovative in all areas of our business 

U.S. Honorable Mention/Runner-up:
Rotating Safety Leaders
Submitted by Ontario RDC Operations Manager Liz Haendiges

Safety is the number one value and responsibility of everyone at the Ontario RDC, and to ensure all team members and members of management are engaged, Liz had the safety teams throughout the site rotate each month with a different supervisor leading each team.

It’s been successful because each team member provides input and feedback on behavior-based safety observations, safety incidents, safety audits and safety training. Doing so ensures that each team member’s viewpoints are heard and documented, and safety awareness at the site is better because of the valuable input.

Mohawk Business Strategy Principle: Provide value to our customers, so we are the preferred provider

Mexico Overall Winner:

Non-square Products
Submitted by Francisco Yañez, D&D

After Dal-Tile Mexico’s Manufacturing and Marketing teams conducted market research and found a market need for a product that could cover spaces with highly realistic designs featuring a natural motif, the Technical team developed new "non-square” interlocking products.

The unconventional and highly complex format was then successfully implemented in the Mexican marketplace, providing an innovative product has a positive impact on Dal-Tile Mexico’s profitability.

Mohawk Business Strategy Principle: Be innovative in all areas of our business, Do the right things for our communities

Mexico Honorable Mention/Runner-up:
Karateka Glaze Recovery Method
Submitted by Luisa Burciaga, Mosaics

Karateka is an innovative and creative method for glaze recovery that originated directly from team members. Trays are tapped allowing for the release of glaze build up to be transported on conveyors to packing. It is then made into fresh batches of glaze, eliminating this waste.

As a result of implementing karateka, 152,000 kilograms of glaze has been recovered, resulting in an annual savings of around $200,000. The Mosaics team was awarded by Dal-Tile Mexico as “King of the Glaze” for 2015!

Mohawk Business Strategy Principle: Be innovative in all areas of our business

Mexico Honorable Mention/Runner-up:
“Feelings” Safety Program
Submitted by Claudia Badillo, Sample Boards

By role playing the impact of an injury accident and the toll it can take on the injured team member’s family, the Sample Boards team has created awareness about the effects when safety rules are not followed.

The program offers a creative approach to focusing on working safely by examining the emotional side of what happens when someone suffers an accident. Since its implementation within Sample Boards, there have been zero recordable incidents.

Mohawk Business Strategy Principle: Provide value to our customers, so we are the preferred provider

Mexico Honorable Mention/Runner-up:
Record-breaking Mosaics
Submitted by Natalio Ramirez, Mosaics

In its 2015 monthly metrics, the Monterrey Mosaics plant set 10 volume records, two green waste records and two PR records.

The volume record (34,233 sq. ft. in February 2012) had stood until it was eclipsed three years later to the month (34,261 sq. ft. in February). Over the next 10 months in 2015, the plant continued to increase its output by setting seven new records, including a final new record of 35,553 sq. ft. in December.

In PR, the 99.59% PR rate had stood for more than two years before it was exceeded in June (99.62 percent) … and then again in December (99.65 percent). Mosaic plant leaders credited the performance gains to the discipline and dedication of the entire plant team.

Thanks to the following team members who also submitted entries for the 2015 “Imagine the Impact” contest:

Scott Baize, Stone Center Manager, Raleigh, N.C.
Ashraf Benjamin, SSC Manager, San Leandro, Calif.
Shannon Cupskey, SSC Manager, and Michael Prill, SSC Sales Consultant, Edmonton, Canada
Trevor Jenkins, Commercial Sales Manager, Fontana, Calif.
TJ McCarthy, Supply Chain Project Manager, Dallas
Patty Nielsen, Customer Service Representative II, Arlington, Texas

Dal-Tile Mexico:
Claudia Badillo
Luisa Burciaga (three entries)
Carlos Cantu
Gerardo Carranza Rodriguez
Adriana Deleon
Damian Hernandez
Diana Hernandez
Abad Gonzalez (three entries)
Hector Gonzales
Marina Flores (two entries)
Marte Flores
Javier Garcia
Julio Garcia
Arelly Gonzalez (two entries)
Ana Hernandez
Alfonso Jimenez
Gerardo Jimenez
Jorge Luna
Hector Manrique
Grecia Martinez (two entries)
Jorge Medina
Hiram Moreno (two entries)
Juan Olivares (two entries)
Jesus Ortega
Roberto Perez (two entries)
Natalio Ramirez (two entries)
Maira Rodriguez
Ricardo Ruiz (two entries)
Carlos Sanchez (two entries)
Jose Villareal Galvan
Francisco Yañez (two entries)
Ricardo Zavala

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